How to overcome your fears.
Learn to be at home talking to people you don’t know.

How to get past gatekeepers.
Proven techniques that work.

Get tactical scripts that walk you through calls.
Jump start your efforts with hard won insight.

How to get a targeted customer list for free.
You can get large targeted lists for free or cheap.


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Lose your fear and book ten appointments this week.

Tyrel Burton said:

Your book was excellent! And it provided a good warmup/framework to get started in cold calling. So over the past week or so I've been cold-calling customers, and it works!

Here are my successes:
1) Opened pipeline of 20+ contacts with my target audience, of which I'm going to most of them next week with proposals (expecting a few sales)...
2) Gained confidence - all you need is to get started - start dialling, and you get over your fears...
3) I set small goals - eg: call 1 today... then up to 4 by the following week.... just set small goals, and go forward.

SO -

This week coming up, I'll be hitting my biggest, most potentially lucrative leads... calling up some of the biggest companies in Canada by using cold calling...

Contact the right prospects at the right time.

The difference between disinterest and a great conversation is a great list, qualifying leads, listening, and timing. Learn to master the tools of the trade.

Savvy startups are using channels that are off the radar.

Andrew Chen has a great blog post that explains this. You need to use marketing channels that aren't flooded with your competitors. If you're a software startup, this is one of them.

I'm a computer science major with no sales background. I wear nerdy t-shirts. If I can sell over the phone, so can you.

I started out completely terrified of the phone. I don't have tons of natural charisma. I build these things brick by brick through trial and error. I wish I could have read this book in 2008. That is why I wrote it.

Get scripts, examples, and tactics that work.

Learn from hard-won experience. Don't waste your time trying dozens of things that don't work. I did that part for you. $39 is probably much less than your hourly rate and if it isn't, you aren't charging enough!

Build lists of customers that are ready for your product.

Dialing numbers for people that want to talk to you is obviously important. Building a list of 100 prospects that has 3 with interest in your product will waste hours. Learn how to build lists with dozens of people in one hundred that will want to speak to you.

Use cold calling to book more appointments and get more sales

James Kennedy built using cold calling. He said,

So who should buy this book? I would say it best suited to people starting a new business but I’m pretty happy with my ROI for the money spent although I have been doing it for years.

James used cold calling to build a repeatable sales process with a team of people with a conversion rate around 10%. Sound good? Buy the premium edition to get the interview.

See how to use follow up systematically and convert prospects to customers

It takes several points of contact to turn a prospect into a sale. You will usually see numbers like 4-10 depending on the product, price, and market. The only way to make those points happen and to continue to add value for your customers is to systematize it.

Robert is an entrepreneur that has written extensively about techniques for cold calling as a tool for startups through his experience with several ventures and in helping others succeed with calls.

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